The Cancerous Snooze Button


I love my snooze button. Some mornings I’ll use it for an entire hour, in five minute intervals. I know that in no way is that adding to my levels of rest I got the night before, but there is something so satisfying about ‘just five more minutes’ to me.

I’m running behind schedule far more often than I’m running early. I’ve been that way my entire life. Shifts at work, dates, classes and appointments? Better schedule me fifteen to thirty minutes before you actually want me there, because there’s a good chance I’ll be late.

And while most my friends and colleagues don’t seem to mind me eternally running on Latino Standard Time, I’ll be the first to admit it’s having a negative impact on my life.

The thing about starting everyday with a snooze button is that it inadvertently puts in my head that it’s okay to put off doing what’s important, like getting out of bed.

Or going to the gym.

Or having a crucial conversation with someone important in my life.

The days I get get out of bed after hitting snooze a few times are always, without question,  less productive than the ones when I don’t.

It sets me up for an entire day of doubting myself, of being uncertain if I’ll get done what I said I’ll do. After all, I’ve already started my day by proving to myself I won’t follow through on my word. Why wouldn’t the rest of my day follow suit?

If you think I’m being a little hard on myself, think again.

Does your subconscious really give a shit about having a balanced perspective on your life?

All I know is that:

Days that I hit the snooze button = Days I don’t get much done

Days that I get up on time = Days that I go to bed feeling accomplished

I’m actually just beginning to get into a morning routine schedule. You can look forward to me posting about the nightmares of being awake before 7 AM, in the near future.


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  1. Genadi Brodovski says:

    Love it, Kyle!!!

    Well written and on point. I’m literally the same as you and in my last two weeks I’m waking up on time and get so much more done and them even have free time to goof!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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