Having a deep sense of empathy can be both a blessing and a curse.

A brain that is always thinking:

“How does this affect someone else?”

Who was in that car accident? I hope they’re okay.”

“Is my friend’s mountain of salt on the table going to push our server over the edge?”

On one side, you’re so empathetic. So empathetic. You relate with everyone you meet, from the salt of the earth to the moisture in the clouds. You’re everyone’s person. When people talk to you they feel more than just heard. They feel understood, valued, and wanted. You feel for others so deeply that their pain is your pain.

But on the other, you probably care too much what other people think of you. Your actions are hindered by other’s points of view and you’re easy to manipulate. When you can find understanding in literally anyone, it’s too easy to let someone take advantage of you because you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt for the seventh time.

Yes, empathy is a super power and putting other’s needs before your own is its kryptonite.

But really, in a society today where we’re so interdependent with each other, we can’t afford to not feel connected. It’s just a chance we’ll have to take.

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